Four generations of the Rajh family

Times are changing and so is the Rajh Restaurant.

The fourth generation of the Rajh family endeavours to make you feel as satisfied as the guests were when our grandfather and grandmother used to cater for them in the old Rajh Village Inn. Some things have changed, but the new Rajh Restaurant remains just as welcoming as it was in the old times. Our long family tradition is becoming richer, for it is the young who refresh the old and it is the young who listen to the experienced. Four generations of the Rajh family have been wishing you "Bon appétit!" every time they have served you a delicious meal.

Ignac and Karolina were the first innkeepers of the Rajh Village Inn that served cider to their guests and also included the village store. Then grandfather Geza and grandmother Marija began to serve their guests fried chicken, fish from the Slavonia region, hearty minestrone, Prekmurje flat breads, and homemade bread. In those times, a sandwich made with homemade salami was a specialty of the Rajh Village Inn.

In 1969, when the inn was moved to the location of the present restaurant, father Ignac and mother Marta expanded their menu in order to attract guests from near and far, i.e. from Austria and all of the countries of the former Yugoslavia. International cuisine was popular back then, so the Rajh Village Inn served all kinds of steaks, especially beefsteaks, and sea fish. Despite the foreign culinary influences, the inn continued to serve typical dishes from the Prekmurje region, such as bograč (a hearty stew made with three kinds of meat, potatoes and vegetables), cooked beef, various thick and hearty stews, the famous prekmurska gibanica (a layer cake with apples, walnuts, poppy seeds and cottage cheese) and retaši (sweet or savoury strudels) on a daily basis.

In 2005, the fourth generation of the Rajh family took over the management of the restaurant. Tanja and Damir decided to preserve tradition by giving a modern twist to it. Although we have preserved the traditional dishes from the Prekmurje region, we slightly reformulated the recipes in order to give them a lighter, deliciously fresh taste. In cooperation with grandmother Marija (who is still the first person in the kitchen every morning), father Ignac (who is still the soul of our restaurant and can always be found catering to the guests) and our two children, Valentina and Leon (who enriched their innkeeper genes by obtaining catering education abroad), we have incorporated modern culinary trends and adapted them to the homely and traditional Rajh cuisine. Our restaurant has been renovated, but the recipes of our grandmother and mother have remained. The old guests still love to play cards, but the new gourmet guests come and return to enjoy the superb dishes prepared in our kitchen, which was awarded five Suns (the Sun is the sign of excellence awarded by the Slovenian newspaper Nedelo). Local producers of foodstuffs and food products present the backbone of each of our traditional or revamped Prekmurje dishes. Each ingredient on your plate has a name, origin, heritage and a story behind it. Authentic cuisine, welcoming, relaxed, and homely atmosphere are the hallmarks of our restaurant. If you want to take some of this goodness with you, you can choose some of the Rajh specialties and enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

We are proud that the Rajh Restaurant has such a rich history and we are looking forward to creating its future with you, our dear guests.